Monstr is a new queer interest web series for fans of horror and comedy!

It all kicks off with our star, Peter, a recent transplant to the Pacific Northwest.  Finding it hard to dive into the dating scene, he caves into the pestering of his fabulous best friend, Homas, and downloads a hookup app at random - Monstr.


His phone explodes with messages, and he’s got a date right away with a mysterious Vlad at a local gay bar, The Crypt, after sundown. Stopping in a dark corner on the way home, Peter gets a taste of hookup life, and Vlad just gets a tempting taste of Peter.


From Vampires to Werewolves, he scores a lunch date with a young man named Lonnie. Later that evening Lonnie is begging to come over. Will Lonnie’s condition overwhelm him?  Can Peter get out of this… hairy… situation?


Peter continues his exploration of this dating app, unable to put it down.  He finds himself messaged by an enigmatic potentially sexy Doctor, who is heavy into role play.


At work he runs the idea past Homas, and we meet Wendy, his workmate who pipes up with her own kinky experiences, endearing herself to the boys.


Nervous, Peter agrees to meet the Doctor, and is pleasantly relieved to find him gorgeous. Their conversation seems mostly normal. Peter ignores the hints of the mad science and goes on in the attic, before “playing doctor”.


As Peter racks up the experiences, he recounts to Homas his latest date with an older gentleman named Yaalon. Peter is much impressed by Yaalon’s apartment and just when things heat up - that’s where his memory fails him.


The Season’s mysteries deepen as Peter receives pictures on his phone of himself in compromising positions. Freaking out he rushes to the hallway to find ghosts! A dark vision plays out, and Peter may never be the same.


To take his mind off things, Wendy convinces Peter to join her and Homas for a night out, running into old friends and new flames at the bar, but Peter again is confronted by horrifying visions, including the Grim Reaper.


In the meantime, Yaalon, confronts an ancient Demon for control of Peter’s very soul!


As our season climaxes, Peter finds himself faced with more men, more choices, more troublesome adventures, and maybe - just maybe, love.


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Monstr is a new queer interest web series for fans of horror and comedy!